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  • Adinashafi


  • Akarsh Nalawade

    Akarsh Nalawade

    Talkative. Easy-goer. Globetrotter. Quixotic. Polemic. Mind-changer. Tea Drinker. Nerd. I write (mostly) about the books I read.

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Jeremy Roberts

    Retro pop culture interviews & lovin’ something fierce sustain this University of Georgia Master of Agricultural Leadership alum. Email: jeremylr@windstream.net

  • Victoria City Motor Co.

    Victoria City Motor Co.

    I would write but I don't have the mental stability for it

  • Olivier


  • Jeffrey Sachs

    Jeffrey Sachs

    Jeffrey Sachs is a lecturer in Politics at Acadia University.

  • Elizabeth Connell

    Elizabeth Connell

    an ENFJ with a passion for politics, ethics, literature and a fascination with the morbid.

  • Walter Bowne

    Walter Bowne

    This poet-angel-hipster dude from Jersey writes satire, humor, fiction, poetry, essays on music, travel, gardening, and his belly button. He’s a trophy husband.

  • The Shadow

    The Shadow

    Please follow our publication (https://medium.com/the-shadow) instead of the account. Managed by Editors of The Shadow.

  • Kurt Buss

    Kurt Buss

    I’ve been writing for publication since it was done on typewriters, oh so long ago. I try to bridge the gap between the then and now of being a Baby Boomer.

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